2013 European Dealer Questionnaire


  • Our first pan-European dealer survey, requesting feedback from dealers on the quality of service we provide to them
  • Nearly 90% of respondents were “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with our service


We pride ourselves on the quality of our dealer service. If damage occurs, to minimise inconvenience to the dealer and the end customer, we need to:

  • Authorise repairs promptly
  • Pay repair invoices quickly

We also seek to provide an excellent service to dealers through the high quality of our staff and effectiveness of our procedures. We believe our teams are:

  • Well trained and competent
  • Motivated, friendly and efficient
  • Multi-lingual and able to handle enquiries in the dealer’s language (we currently support 15 different European languages)

The survey

We launched our dealer questionnaire to all European dealers in Q1 2013. The survey was open for three months (1 March to 31 May) and covered dealers serviced from our UK and German offices.

The survey asked 10 questions relating to our service (speed, competence, service behaviour). All 10 questions had 5 possible responses (positive being 5, negative being 1) with ‘Not Applicable’ as a 6th option.

The questions were:

  1. 1. We authorise your claims (tell you that are able to repair the vehicle) quickly and promptly?
  2. 2. If there is a delay in authorising, are you kept informed?
  3. 3. When you phone or email us, do we respond quickly and helpfully?
  4. 4. When you phone or email us, are we courteous and polite?
  5. 5. When you phone or email us, do we respond in your language?
  6. 6. If you ask us questions relating to your claims, are we able to answer them for you?
  7. 7. If you have a problem with a claim, do we resolve it quickly for you?
  8. 8. After the vehicle has been repaired and when you send us an invoice, are you paid quickly?
  9. 9. The procedures are clear in telling you what you need to send us, and when, to get your claim agreed?
  10. 10. The procedures are easy to read and understand?

The results

We are pleased with our results. Counting questions where the response was positive: either 4 or 5 (classified as “Satisfied”), our overall ‘Satisfied’ count was 87%.

Of the 10 questions asked, we scored most highly in Question 4 (Are we courteous and polite?).

We also scored highly in Questions 5 (Do we respond in your language?) and 3 (Do we respond quickly and helpfully?).

We scored less well in Questions 8 (Are you paid quickly?), 7 (Do we respond quickly to problems?) and 2 (Keep you informed if a delay in authorisation?).

It should be noted that for Question 8, for some of our clients we do not settle dealer invoices ourselves – they are paid by the client directly, which on this occasion has impacted negatively on these results.