Vehicle Inspections

Handover inspections identify if, where and when damage occurs.

Sevatas provides handover inspection related services typically to logistics service providers such as vessel operators, port operators, rail and road transporters. Large scale movements of vehicles create the environment for damage to occur; independent inspections provide companies with protection from future liability.

All inspections are delivered to Sevatas’s standard, which we believe is the most comprehensive in the industry providing valuable data for future damage reduction activity.

Being the ‘eyes’ of the client on the ground, Sevatas inspectors also aim to identify issues and possible causes of damage before they happen.

Data capture

As part of our Data Centre our in-house data capture units are at the forefront of industry technology and capture a wider range of data to enable better analysis and event reporting.

Sevatas inspections can also provide data to clients in real time, giving them a management tool to make better decisions about required actions before the vehicles reach their end destination.

The benefits of using Sevatas

  • Highly trained inspectors
  • Flexible data capture technology platform
  • Avoidance of unfair liability claims