2014 Logistics Quality Award
Redefining Quality Standards in automotive logistics

Sevatas is the European leader in the provision of risk management, claims and damage reduction solutions to the finished vehicle logistics sector. Boasting a proud heritage of more than 25 years, exclusively focused in the finished vehicle logistics sector, we have built our reputation from providing the best solutions to meet our clients’ and the industries needs.

We are proud to support Automotive Supply Chain’s 2014 Logistics Quality Award. Setting a benchmark within the industry for best practice when it comes to quality is crucial for achieving the perfect delivery of the vehicles to the end user.

The 2014 Logistics Quality Award sought to find stake holders within the industry that demonstrate their commitment to vehicle quality, a focus on damage reduction and determination that the vehicles arrive on time and in perfect condition.

We would like to congratulate the winner ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd, founded upon the principle of Best or Nothing, the ECM brand has become synonymous with Best Practice and remains an internationally acclaimed benchmark for quality.

A judge concluded: “ECM demonstrated, with clear evidence, that they have been committed to improving quality standards not only internally within their business but also externally through proactive engagement with their clients, competitors and industry bodies across the automotive supply chain.”

The 2014 Logistics Quality Award were presented at London’s Claridges Hotel on 12th November 2014, entries for the 2015 awards shall begin in April.

To learn more about Automotive Supply Chain Awards visit: http://www.automotivesupplychain.org/awards/