Communities of interest

Our communities of interest share similar objectives and benefit from sharing their experiences and learning more about damage and damage reduction.

The finished vehicle logistics sector has a number of different interest groups. By arranging these interest groups into communities the benefits of sharing knowledge, developing best practice and improving decision making can be achieved.

Through the creation of sector specific communities, centred around manufacturers and distributors, insurers and logistics service providers, we aim to facilitate these outcomes.

Our Sevatas community activities include;

  • Invitation only forums and demonstration events
  • Editorial comment and reports, to subscribe click here
  • Online discussion groups through LinkedIn
  • Webinars, to register click here

All of our community activities are focussed on the issues of risk management, damage control and cost reduction in the finished vehicle logistics chain from the various points of view of the community members. In this way we feel that areas of common concern can be discussed and collaborative initiatives developed.

Raising awareness of these issues helps reduce the incidence and cost of damage, benefiting all.

We recognise that not all stakeholders are represented yet, but we aim to add more communities for other stakeholder groups as soon as possible.

If you would like to help form a new group please contact our Director, Matt Holmes on +44 1473 346060 or e-mail:

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