Our Environmental Policy

We recognise that our operations as a provider of insurance and risk management services to corporate clients, insurance brokers and others with interests may have an influence on the environment.

As a consequence of this the management and staff of our business are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. Through regular communication we ensure all environmental objectives and policies are understood and implemented and we encourage employees to be involved in our initiatives.

We will meet or exceed all relevant UK regulatory requirements.

The Company will seek to address its impact on the environment through working with its supply chain towards a sustainable procurement policy.

We also encourage our suppliers to recognise how important environmental policies are to us.

The Company maintains that a primary part of its corporate environmental strategy is sustainable waste management and as such recognises its responsibilities to recycle and reuse materials. The Company uses recycled products and reduces consumption of materials wherever possible.

In addition we have policies which help us to consume electricity at acceptable levels.

Our national and international travelling helps us provide excellent customer service, however we recognise that this has an impact on the environment. We pay due regard to emissions when selecting company vehicles and make appropriate use of public transport.

We conduct a review of our policy annually to ensure it complies with all relevant legislation and that its targets and goals are continually improved.