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Weathering the storms

Jan 2018

Carmakers and logistics providers are becoming more proactive in their mitigation efforts to address climatic catastrophes

Celebrating success in the 2017 Logistics Quality Awards

Nov 2017

Continuing in a successful and valuable vein, this year’s Logistics Quality Award received a wide range of excellent entries that Sevatas was proud to evaluate and present.

Vehicle protection: Trying to cover all bases

Sep 2017

With carmakers taking a variety of different measures according to brand perception, territory and risk, Automotive Logistics looks at the pros, cons and necessities of vehicle protection options

Celebrating success in the 2016 Logistics Quality Awards

Nov 2016

Following on from the success of last years award, this years Logistics Quality Award received a wide range of excellent entries that were global in character, including a strong USA presence. These focused upon the achievements of organisations that have acted consciously to make improvements for the betterment of themselves, clients and industry.

Reducing damage drawn by design

Oct 2016

Trends in vehicle evolution can add to the likelihood of damage during transit, and while some of this can be mitigated by routing and planning, the vehicle logistics industry often struggles to adapt with sufficient speed.

Progress and Possibilities

Apr 2016

Vehicle logistics may be at the start of its journey towards use of electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), but North American mandates and standards are setting a faster course.

Sevatas Sessions - Automotive quality managers, February 2016

Feb 2016

Following previous forums involving automotive logisticians and quality managers, on the 2 February we held the latest of our ‘Sevatas Sessions’ in Milton Keynes and were joined by representatives from eight leading manufacturing brands, representing a significant proportion of all vehicles sold in the UK.

Celebrating Quality in Finished Vehicle Logistics

Jan 2016

Matt Holmes, Director at Sevatas, explains why Jaguar Land Rover and Groupe CAT shared the 2015 Automotive Supply Chain Logistics Quality Award for 2015.

Celebrating success in the 2015 Logistics Quality Awards

Nov 2015

Following on from the success of last years award, this years Logistics Quality Award received a wide range of submissions from across Europe. These reflected the focus and dedication of the sector to improving the quality of the service they provide and ensuring the customer receives the vehicle on time and in perfect condition.

Preparing for the unexpected

Oct 2015

Damage prevention, inspection and repair measures have evolved to cope with everything from changes in vehicle size to the tightening of environmental legislation at ports, and they will have to keep doing so.

2015 Logistics Quality Award

Jul 2015

The 2015 Logistics Quality Award is designed to recognise effective collaborations between an OEM and a logistics service provider in driving improvements in quality standards within the business, and wider potential impact upon the industry.

Putting a value on social responsibility

May 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming ubiquitous for organisations both large and small. In our sector, OEMs are involved in supporting a range of good causes: locally, nationally and internationally says Matt Holmes, Director at Sevatas.

Maintaining the flow

May 2015

Anthony Coia reports on what OEMs, claims managers and repair specialists are doing to prevent damaged vehicles from damaging profits and customer confidence

Raising the bar in finished vehicle logistics

Jan 2015

Sevatas were honoured to sponsor, and play a role in the judging of, the 2014 Logistics Quality Award. It was a memorable evening in London and our congratulations to all of the various winners successful on the night.

2014 Logistics Quality Award

Nov 2014

We are proud to support Automotive Supply Chain’s 2014 Logistics Quality Award. Setting a benchmark within the industry for best practice when it comes to quality is crucial for achieving the perfect delivery of the vehicles to the end user.

Quality in the Supply Chain

Oct 2014

Quality in the supply chain is an obviously desirable outcome for all stakeholders involved. Who wouldn’t want a supply chain that delivers vehicles and components on time, at low cost and with reliable outcomes? As such, discussing the requirement for quality in the supply chain risks losing its impact as the requirement is seen to be so self-evident says Matt Holmes, Director at Sevatas.

Insurance - Making it work for you

Jul 2014

The approach to insurance diff ers across the wide range of stakeholders in the distribution chain. At first view, the options are quite simple – insure more of your risk and pay more premium; or absorb more risk and benefi t from lower premium cost. In practice, a well formed insurance programme can deliver both says Matt Holmes, Director at Sevatas

No Room for Plan B

Apr 2014

Matt Holmes has spent the last ten years with the automotive logistics sector. In this article, Matt shares his expertise in asking: Catastrophic losses – plan for the worst or hope for the best?

Covering all the bases in damage protection

Mar 2014

With quality expectations higher than ever, OEMs have to consider the cost and general effectiveness of damage avoidance solutions, including full body covers.

European damage rates down, catastrophic loss up

Mar 2014

Overall damage ratios for finished vehicle delivery in Europe have fallen by as much as 50% in recent years, with huge cost saving implications. At the same time, more incidents of extreme weather have led to higher catastrophic loss cases.

Serving the Customer

Mar 2014

When times are tough, and competition is getting even tougher, it is more important than ever to understand the customer and their requirements. Better communication, visibility, cost efficiency and improved quality are just some of the challenges facing OEMS, LSPs and Dealers across Europe. How can these be improved for all parties concerned?

Our first Fund awards provide local charities with over £3,000

Oct 2013

Over the past six months the Fund has risen to over £10,000 through generous donations from events such as The Orwell Walk and our Charity Golf Day. Following our first grants panel meeting with The Suffolk Community Foundation we are delighted to announce the first three charities we have agreed to support.

What's the Damage?

Jun 2013

Damage in transit is one of themost irritating and expensive factors in finished vehicle distribution. Sam Ogle reports on an issue which is, in most cases, highly preventable.

Our 2013 European dealer questionnaire

Jun 2013

Our first pan-European dealer survey reveals 9 in 10 dealers are satisfied with our service to them. Providing great dealer service is vital in the event of a transit damage occurring. We are proud of our dealer service and for the first time, this year, we asked dealers from across Europe to rate our performance.

Hail season approaches

Jun 2013

Hail season approaches... are you prepared? As summer finally starts to make an appearance in Europe (the Spring never made it to the UK this year!), the sound of Paintless Dent Repairers (PDRs) knocking on my door tells me that hail season must be close!

UK Automotive manufacturers and distributors - Client forum

Jun 2013

Representing over 50% of all new vehicles sold in the UK, our second forum for our UK clients met in April. Our second forum for our UK manufacturer / distributor clients met in April in our Ipswich head office.

Is prevention better than cure?

Apr 2013

Damage occurs in many forms and can strike at any point in the supply chain. If components make it to the plant intact, the vehicle makes it through production and sits waiting for shipment, there are still things that can go wrong, reports Laura King.

What we learnt in Russia

Jan 2013

Negative expectations about insuring vehicles making the outbound journey to dealers over the 6,592,800 square miles of Russia are not always founded. While there are challenges, they can be managed with good preparation and cooperation says Laura King.

Sevatas gains ISO 14001 and 9001 accreditations

Nov 2012

Sevatas, Europe’s leading provider of risk management, claims and damage reduction solutions to vehicle manufacturers and their insurers, are celebrating after achieving both the ISO 14001 and 9001 accreditations.

What's the Damage?

May 2012

Damage in transit is one of the most irritating and expensive factors in finished vehicle distribution. Sam Ogle reports on an issue which is, in most cases, highly preventable.

Sevatas opens a new office in Cologne

Apr 2012

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Cologne, Germany on the 1st April. Built upon our sector-leading value added services, expertise and knowledge our Cologne office supports the growing needs of our automotive manufacturer and insurer clients

The needless damage done.

Apr 2012

Malcolm Weatley finds out how insurance claims handling companies are working with manufacturers and logistics providers to identify damage trends and make claims process faster and smoother, with the aim of reducing incidents and financial loss for all parties