Leading on Quality

Our commitment to quality led services and solutions

Damages to vehicles in transit cost the sector €200m annually and this doesn’t include the administration costs. Damaged vehicles also need repairing which can delay the customer sale and damage the manufacturer’s brand.

As the leading supplier of risk management services to the automotive logistics sector, we recognise the challenges faced by logistics providers in ensuring a perfect, damage free, delivery. We also understand the financial and reputational costs to manufacturers, logistics providers and dealers when a vehicle is damaged. This is why our service is focused on damage and cost reduction. This is achieved through our loss prevention teams analysing claims data to recognise trends in order to design quality led solutions, e.g. refreshing vehicle handling guides, identifying issues with LSPs, auditing operations and reviewing vehicle protection strategies.

Our Loss Prevention services help our clients Lead on Quality: a quality focused logistics chain delivering damage free vehicles.

Our dedication to this objective is also represented by our Logistics Quality Award, recognising those parties in the sector demonstrating their commitment to logistics quality and delivering better outcomes. Through our Sevatas Sessions, we bring together experts to talk to experts relating to loss prevention, logistics quality, benchmarking and best practice.

Leading on Quality is also our own core value: We can only help our clients deliver quality if our services are themselves quality led. As well as tracking our own performance through Key Performance Indicators across our business, all of our services are linked to agreed Service Level Agreements. Our systems are also compliant to BS EN ISO 9001:2015.