Logistics Quality Audits
Case Study

Performing a wide range of audits, on behalf of manufacturers, insurers and Logistics Service Providers annually, we recognise the value of reviewing and evaluating vehicle handling operations as a prime way to reduce damage levels.

Examples of auditing activity and the value this has delivered include:

1. Route audit from European production to UK market

Our client experienced high levels of lower front bumper / valence damages upon arrival into the UK.

We audited the entire route from European production facility to arrival in the UK to review the vehicle condition at each handover point and to establish whether correct procedures relating to vehicle handling were being followed.

Upon review of handling operations at the port prior to shipping to the UK, we established transporters were unloading vehicles onto an unsatisfactory compound surface (cobble stones) which were causing significant damage during unloading operations.

Cost saving - €50,000 p/a

2. Plant dispatch – use of vehicle protection

Vehicle protection is expensive but only works to reduce damage levels if applied correctly. Our audit of plant dispatch operations (the handover from the production site to the first carrier) revealed vehicle protection poorly applied to the doors. Poor placement of the door pads meant that they were unable to prevent door to door contact.

Correct placement of the door pads and elimination of door to door contact – saving €250,000 p/a

3. Rail loading operations auditing / improvement in vehicle handling

High levels of damage were identified relating to vehicles discharged from rail wagons. In particular, damages to wheels, sills and door edges.

Our audit revealed the following:

  • Some wheel damages were production related
  • Poor vehicle handling accounted for some wheel damages and under-sill damages (lack of care positioning chocks)
  • Lack of care relating to door edge contact with wagon rails

Improvements relating to the above estimated at €300,000 p/a

  • Services available:

    • Review and amendment of transport quality / vehicle handling guidelines & procedures
    • Auditing of Logistics Service Providers’ performance and adherence to quality standards
      • Rail
      • Road
      • Vessel
      • Barge
      • Compound
    • Plant dispatch operations auditing
    • Route auditing
    • Dealer / repairer auditing