For motor manufacturers and their insurers, minimising the cost of a claim is essential. As such, recovering costs from the liable logistics provider is a fundamental element of our claims management service.

Even if we are not your appointed claims agent, we are still able to help you through our Recoveries+ service. Pass your paid claim file to us and we will see the claim through to recovery.

We will:

  • Review claim files submitted for recovery
  • Identify the responsible logistics service provider following a review of appropriate documentation
  • Submit the claim file to, and then recover costs from, the liable party
  • Provide you with reporting and analysis

In addition, in order to maximise your return, we will also identify weaknesses in the supply chain which hinder recovery performance (e.g. poor contractual conditions or handover arrangements).

Activity to resolve issues identified can be entered into separately.

Additional options

A range of customisable and added value services are available to enhance the service.

  • Providing useful and targeted data reporting and analysis – to help identify repetitive damage trends and potential activity to drive down damage levels
  • Reviewing your claims and logistics procedures and contracts to facilitate damage reduction and recovery maximisation
  • Supporting you through attending external meetings (e.g. with your logistics suppliers) or through the provision of specialist risk management advice

The benefits of using Sevatas

  • Maximised cost recovery to reduce retained costs
  • Proactive reporting and risk management reviews to improve vehicle handling, carrier contracting to further reduce costs