Where we are going

As well as having a significant history to draw from, we also have a clear idea of where we are going. We are ready to support existing and new clients as they grow their businesses.

The last five years have seen dramatic growth for our business. This growth has broadened our knowledge and understanding of the sector. From this platform our new era of expansion will continue as we continuously enhance our solutions and provide more services to more sector stakeholders.

The name Sevatas is also a reflection of the key principles of the business. It is a word derived from Latin words Sentio (to judge) and Veritas (truth). As independent specialists in the area of risk management, claims and damage reduction; we blend our skills, competencies, experiences and client understanding built over many years working exclusively in the finished vehicle logistics sector to protect the interests of our clients and their brands. This theme of protection is represented by our icon that forms part of our brand identity.

The European finished vehicle sector continues to recover from the recent global economic downturn and subsequent restructuring. More than ever the market is focussed on cost efficiency and the benefits of damage reduction.

Sevatas is well positioned to support this focus and grow through planned opening of new offices at key strategic locations across Europe. As more sector stakeholders benefit from the services we provide we intend to maintain our position as European leaders in finished vehicle logistics risk management, claims and damage reduction.

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